Tipi Floor Plans

Betty’s Tipis Big Hat Tipi design means that we can cater for any wedding or event, large or small. Our tipis simply link together creating a fantastic wedding space that you can enjoy all year round.

There are also various additional areas and accessories within the tipis that we can provide. From lounge and bar areas with comfy chairs and heaters to chill out areas with low tables, beanbags and small fire pits. We can create separate areas for children too – linked to the main tipi space or independent areas sited away from the main tipis with our smaller mini tipis, all with matted or wooden walkways and lit with rope lighting of course. Please see our floor plan ideas for details on how to design your event…

In addition to Betty’s Tipis standard tipi configurations and floor plans, there are also a wide range of special accessories we offer that will add that extra wow factor to your special day.