Why I love shooting weddings at Betty’s Tipis Inglenook farm

Post & Photo Credit: David Walters of David Walters Photography (www.davidwaltersphotography.co.uk)

If your reading this you must be considering having your special day in the unique and simply stunning setting of a Tipi! If you need convincing, I will explain why you will have the perfect day having your special day celebrations at Betty’s Tipis!

If you want a truly unique wedding a Tipi wedding may be the perfect choice. Tipi weddings provide a unique backdrop, lots of open space for the guests to mingle and an amazing blank canvas that you can make all your own!

It’s outdoors (With that festival vibe)

With a tipi wedding you can enjoy an outdoor setting from the comfort of the most amazing space. You literally get a festival atmosphere with all of the comforts, like a fully stocked bar, delicious food and lovely toasty firepits to toast them marshmallows!

At Betty’s Tipis Inglenook farm, you also get the bonus of beautiful Lavender fields that perfume the air and provide a perfect backdrop for your photo shoot. You can see the tipis in the background which looks very special indeed.

A Tipi is a real Blank canvas

If you get married at a traditional wedding venue, you are stuck with the décor. Carpets, curtains and wallpaper are things you cannot change. With a Tipi you get total freedom.

One of the best reasons to have your wedding in a Tipi is that, if you love to make things your own, a Tipi is the perfect bank canvas to go mad or keep it minimal. You start with a tent and end with the perfect environment of your own desire!

Goodbye stress!

If you have your wedding in a tipi, you avoid the stress of having different locations for your ceremony and reception, and the more intense environment of a church or registry office. Your guests will be more at ease too, just being outdoors increases our oxygen levels which in turn inverse’s our Serotonin levels! Just add a few glasses of champagne and your rocking!

The Wow Factor

How many weddings have you been to with a church ceremony and a traditional venue? Lost count? You and your guests will never forget your wedding at Betty’s Tipis. You will give you and your guests a unique experience, as you gaze into the twinkling fairy lights and warm yourself by the fire in the evening For myself as a wedding photographer s my experience hooting at Betty’s Tipis has really stuck with me. It’s so different and alive! You really have the chance for an unforgettable day in the great outdoors. 

Amazing Vibes

If you have ever been to a festival and felt the truly unique atmosphere you get the same effect with a Tipi wedding! There is just something about the festival vibe you get with Tipis that is hard to match with traditional indoor weddings.

Guests are more sociable

Every marquee/Tipi wedding I have shot at is always more lively and guests genuinely seem to be having loads more fun. Could be the serotonin, could be that festival vibe, but whatever it is you are going to be part of the fun! 

Bottom Line.

I absolutely love shooting at Tipi/outdoor weddings. They really have that festival vibe which I really love after visiting Glastonbury many times! The bottom line is guests are much more crazy and the photos I capture are always so much more lively than at a regular wedding. I really wish I could do more of them!


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